Atlantic Mortgage Inc. offers wholesale mortgages to the consumers in Indiana and Florida.

This website provides convenient online shopping for the most desired loan programs and most current rates available on the market.

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Loan Checklist:

- Executed sales contract on property being purchased
- W-2 forms for the previous two years
- Year-to-date signed profit and loss, if self employed
- Names and phone numbers both listing and selling agents
- Copy of listing and/or contract on any properties currently for sale


Mortgage Tips:

- Review your credit report. In many states, reports can be requested for little or no cost. Request changes to any report that is in error
- If a creditor does not respond to the credit reporting agency within 30 days, the report must be taken off your credit report
- If you've been turned down for credit, get your report for no charge


Expert Tips:

- Don’t get new credit cards, even when stores offer a discount in return for applying for a card
- Pay all credit card bills on time, even if it means paying utility bills late
- Close out unused credit card accounts
- Maintain at least one of your oldest cards to show a lengthy credit history